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Welcome Home Sarah!

Spent the last few days running around chasing spare parts and getting the grocery shopping done. Caught up with Mark and Meg (Grace) and Steve and Michelle (Citrus Tart) around Airlie. They anchored near the sailing club and as we were to have dinner on Citrus Tart last night, we moved Windana around there too. They said the wind had dropped off since they arrived, but when we got round there, we had gusts of 27 knots while trying to anchor. So windy compared to Cannonvale. Got soaked just getting to dinner – Michelle made a yummy risotto. Had a great night catching up, as we haven’t seen them since Moreton Bay.

Up early to the same old wind and rain squalls. Off to the Airlie Markets for some fresh produce and to replace my herbs (which we previously drowned in petrol).

Around midday, we met the Cross family for the official return of our darling daughter. All had pizza for lunch and wandered the shops in the main street. Finally got Sarah home and she talked excitedly about all her adventures back in Boyne…. and talked…..and talked. Sounds like she had a good time! No one needed any dinner, so we had a nice early night.

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