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Round Hill Creek, 1770

After a lovely motor sail down to Round Hill Creek, we actually arrived at mid afternoon when the tide height was showing as only 1.9 metres. As it was so calm, we decided to enter the creek and negotiate the sandbars. In theory, we calculated that we could get through, but there were some shallow moments when we put it to the test. The lowest point showed only 1.1 metres under the hull, but at least it was easy to follow the channel.

Dropped anchor and prepared to relax - only to discover that our toilet macerator had stripped an impeller. Needless to say, the ensuing dismantling put a bit of a dampener on thoughts of sundowners.

One benefit of cruising without a functioning loo was that on our visits ashore we very quickly discovered the lovely coffee served at the 1770 Marina Cafe. Much to our relief, Sarah was coming to visit, so brought the much needed spare parts.

We have always loved this anchorage and one of the highlights when the kids were much younger was the bright pink Larcs that take tourists up to Bustard Head Lighthouse and on sunset trips along the beach. The kids would both scramble up to the nets and wave frantically at the pinks buses. I think, from the photos below, that Nathan has grown a bit since then!

Enjoyed catching up with friends, swimming and kayaking, sundowners (eventually), walking the sandbars and the obligatory visit to the Tree.


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