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Tangalooma Wrecks

In the sad search for internet signal, both Pegasos and Windana upped anchor and slowly meandered along the Moreton Island beaches, ending up just off the Tangalooma Resort. As it was still school holidays, it was very crowded, making it tricky to find a spot that was less than ten metres deep. It was certainly an interesting anchorage, with helicopters everywhere doing scenic flights, boatloads of tourists doing eco-tours or just visiting the resort.

Enjoyed kayaking through the chaos and a walk along the beach, where we found a nice quiet location north of the wrecks to move to the next day.

Once we anchored away from the mayhem, it was lovely to just soak up the beauty of the area. We went for a walk along the never ending beach and ended up going all the way to Cowan Cowan. Had a swim when we returned and had fun playing with the dozens of sea stars in the water.

But the ultimate highlight was indeed the wrecks, whether above or below the water.

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