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THE BIG SPLASH - Windana Relaunched

Finally Windana again has a wet bum!! As the tide slowly crept higher, the anticipation, the crowd (and the nerves) grew. The trolley slowly backed down the boat ramp until Windana was well and truly wet. She was reluctant to let go, so needed a little nudge from the tractor/crane. Hooray!! And yes, we automatically looked at the waterline to see if she was on her lines or not. All good and looking pretty. Some long ropes and manhandling and she was nicely tied up alongside the jetty. It was time to pop the champagne corks - although a few had already flown! Out came the drinks and nibbles and we shared our joy with plenty of friends and fellow boatyard inmates. Doonas and pillows were rightfully installed as we prepared to finally return home!!!

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