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Curry Night in Bundaberg

Early start this morning, with an 0500 departure from Fraser Island, waving goodbye to Helene as she was writing and the only one crazy enough to be up at this hour.

A sloppy run to Bundaberg, with some attempt at motor-sailing with the main up for a while. Along the way, I made a couple of curries and let them cook in the thermal cooker. We arrived at Bundaberg Port Marina after lunch and caught up with Tony’s cousin Wayne (who is a yacht broker at the marina). He kindly dropped us at the local IGA shops where we stocked up on a few groceries we needed and a few more that we didn’t. The lovely manager at the IGA supermarket drove us and our groceries back to the marina (they have a wonderful courtesy bus service that many yachties appreciate).

Madly washed down the boat and vacuumed while plugged in to shore power, before Wayne and his wife, Helen, arrived. Had a lovely evening catching up and enjoyed some laughs and great company over sundowners and curry for dinner. I especially enjoyed the fact that dinner was already prepared, coming out of the thermal cooker steaming hot and ready to go.

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