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Crazy Escape from the Southerly Swell

After a progressively rolly night at Moreton Island, we upped anchor and moved further south along the Island in the hope of some protection from a horrid southerly swell. But there was no shelter to be found, so we bit the bullet and decided to make a run for King Island once again. The wind got progressively stronger as we went, so the bay got lumpier and more confused. We altered our heading several times to try and find a smoother course, but inevitably the contents of our home ended up rolling around in cupboards, or leaping off shelves. Eventually we found some relief in the lee of Mud Island, braced ourselves for the dash to the next possible shelter of Green Island, followed by St Helena Island and finally, King Island. Definitely the quickest sight seeing tour (without photos) we have undertaken!

We spent a couple of wet and windy days here before popping into the marina to collect Sarah for the day. Ended up anchoring back at King Island, taking the dinghy ashore and walking the spit to Wellington Point and back. Sarah had some fun with the GoPro and created this awesome video:

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