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Pancake Creek

Topped up our fuel tanks and headed to pancake Creek to hide from predicted heavy rain and strong winds due in the next couple of days. It was a pleasant trip, even though we had to motor. We took plenty of photos while passing 1770 - one of our favourite anchorages.

It was quite mesmerising watching the ever changing herringbone clouds as we travelled.

There were plenty of boats already anchored in Pancake Creek when we arrived in the afternoon around 1600. The beautiful sky we had been admiring all day, also produced an equally interesting sunset.

It was a quiet evening as everyone prepared for some nasty weather that was forecast. Apart from the strong winds, we were expecting a "rain event" with 100-200mm of rain. As is the way of cruising, the wind and lashing rain decided to hit after dark! We kept our motors running during the initial squalls, but eventually relaxed and went to bed. So thankful for our newly upgraded clears, which kept our back deck reasonable dry.

We enjoyed a few days at Pancake with plenty of walking along the sandbar, socialising, school and the obligatory trek up to the Bustard Head lighthouse. After all the rain, we expected the mud flats to be more boggy than they were.

Once through, we headed up hill following the telegraph lines.

Close to the top, it's always a sobering moment as you enter the cemetery and stroll around reading the headstones. We have a particular connection with little Milly, as many years ago when Nathan was about three, he had a good long chat with her! Well worth reading Stuart Buchanan's book about this lighthouse and its inhabitants (Lighthouse of Tragedy). It's a great read.

The amazing restoration that has taken place is incredible. It is truly a testament to Stuart and Shirley Buchanan and all the volunteers of the Bustard Head Lighthouse Association.

We were excited to be able to tour the lighthouse and enjoy the fantastic view.

After soaking up all the history, we continued beyond the lighthouse grounds and followed the red dirt road towards Jenny Lind Creek for some more spectacular views.

After a long day, it was lovely to make it back down to the beach, only to find the dinghy high and dry (slight miscalculation with the tide/timing). Dragged the dinghy to the water and headed home for a well deserved cuppa.

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