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Arch Cliffs

We decided to move further north along Fraser Island, so we motored up the Straits at a tide-assisted rate of 6.5 knots. RooBinEsque (Graham and Helene) were anchored at Arch Cliffs, so we headed up that way to join them, as we hadn’t seen them since Manly. Anchored in time to join them for well-timed sundowners.

Spent a few lovely days walking the long stretches of beach, climbing sand hills, paddling, yabbying, fishing and taking plenty of photos.

There was an abundance of wildlife and Helene managed to capture some great photos (below). During one walk, a dingo appeared on the beach at the foot of the sandy cliffs. It was amazing to see the effort it made to give us a very wide berth – climbing up the hills and traversing until it was well behind us, before making its way back to the beach.

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