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Awinya Creek, Fraser Island

We have now had a major clean up of the workshop – by accident! While the desalinator was running, the brine hose came loose from where it was clipped onto the foredeck net. It could have flipped anywhere, but it chose the worst possible option and popped into the forward hatch, being Tony’s workshop, and proceeded to fill it full of salt water!! With a few expletives and shouts of despair, we began the process of pulling absolutely everything out onto the deck. There were a few casualties, but most items were duly rinsed in fresh water, dried out and then repacked tidily into the workshop once again.

In the afternoon, we again moved a little further north, this time to explore Awinya Creek. A late afternoon paddle to investigate the creek entrance was finished off perfectly with a beautiful sunset.

The next morning, we set off on our adventure. Awinya is a beautiful freshwater creek that meanders from the western beach and seems to stretch endlessly through the coastal vegetation and into the heart of Fraser Island.

We decided that the best way to explore was by kayak.........

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