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Fun on Moreton Bay

Up early and motor-sailed across to Raby Bay. It didn't start out a great day as we forgot to shut the loo window (inboard on the hull), so the whole toilet from floor to ceiling got a salt water wash!! In addition, the port motor kept getting air in the fuel and shutting down (still trying to get to the bottom of this mystery). Filled up with fuel, grabbed some groceries, collected half a dozen assorted friends and headed back to Horseshoe Bay. Put the sails up and handed over the helm to the unsuspecting passengers (under Tony's quiet guidance). Suddenly the headsail started flogging and we realised one of the sheets had come undone. Who tied that one on?? Turns out it was the same unsuspecting soul who ran over a crab pot buoy on the way. To protect his privacy (and reputation), we shall only mention him as "W". Decided to put up the spinnaker in the end and had a lovely sail.

Anchored and went swimming off the back of the boat, then had lunch, before more swimming. The only incident involved "W" of course! He took our dinghy to visit friends on another boat, only to tie a dodgy knot and see the dinghy escape. Tony rescued it in the kayak...... thank goodness "W" has a good sense of humour!!

The return trip was not quite as sedate as this morning. We rounded the northern tip of Peel Island to face a 20 knot beam reach. Windana loved it and it was a quick run back to Raby Bay. We had a sticky beak at Citrus Tart, berthed in one of the canals and also said a quick hello to friends from Bellatrix. As the public wharf was commandeered, we berthed on the end of one of the marina fingers to let everyone off. But no one would leave - someone (not "W" this time) had opened the cask of red, so what else was there to do but enjoy the sunset..... and the evening.... and the starry night...!! Great day!!

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