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Farewell Moreton Bay

Have been in and out of the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club marina doing the last minute running around and awaiting final parts and adjustments. We only just took delivery of our brand new bright red screecher a couple of days ago and managed to get a final part for our prodder this afternoon. Also Gary and Steve (from G&S Marine Trimmers) made up and fitted our clears and foredeck canopy. Very nicely done - they look great!

We managed to escape here and there for a change of scenery and some fresh air, recently spending a lovely night anchored off Green Island. We also got a chance to sail across to Moreton Island and anchored near the "Big Sand Hills". There was still a slight NW breeze so the swell made it tricky to get off Windana and into the dinghy, but we were going ashore to get wet anyway. Our intention was to conquer one of the huge sand dunes, but we were only a short way up when the swarming sand flies overwhelmed us. We could possibly have overlooked that, but when combined with attacking march flies and hot hot sand, we surrendered and ran/jumped/rolled back down and straight into the water. Went for a walk along the beach instead and then had a swim and "sea grass fights" with all the dead sea grass floating by.

Last weekend, we picked up a crowd (including a bunch of Sarah and Nathan's friends) from Manly and had a quick sail across to Horseshoe Bay in the 20 knot NE and arrived mid-morning. Sarah and her friends excitedly leaped into the water for a swim before we even had the anchor set. Everyone else soon joined in the fun and got wet, with the younger ones in life jackets - as there were too many to keep track of!! While I was in the kayak with Nathan and Bryce, some dolphins swam very close by. We tried to keep up, but who were we kidding? After lunch and more swimming, it was time to head for home. The wind was now blowing 20-25 NE, so it made for a somewhat lumpy ride. By the time we were half way back, we had plenty of green faces on board. Thankfully only one chucker!! But I was getting nervous about running out of "just-in-case" buckets. Returned to Manly by five pm and there was a mass exodus onto dry land!

This evening, we went to the park near the marina and laid out the screecher on the grass to re-fit it around the furler. It was 9.30pm by the time we attached it to the prodder and hoisted it back into place. At last, all set to leave Brisbane tomorrow. Yeehaa! Finally cruising north!!

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