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Scarborough to Mooloolaba

Anchored outside Scarborough marina basin until the tide turned, then headed off about 1100 with a reefed main and no.2 headsail into a 20-25 SE. Again, Windana was in her element and although the wind dropped off, we covered the 35 miles in under 5 hours. This is quite an improvement for the old girl - she's lovin those big deep rudders and her new tail end. Once inside the breakwall at Mooloolaba, we headed for the basin where many of the visiting yachts anchor. We were about to drop ours, when a voice assailed us from a nearby "McMansion" and yelled that we were too close to her home and she was calling the authorities. Amidst some giggles from the kids, we obligingly moved elsewhere, so that we could get a decent night's sleep without hassles from those who think their multi-million dollar outlay also entitles them to ownership of the Mooloola River. Life's too short!! We soon donned our glad rags and headed in the dinghy up one of the canals to visit John and Heather (Phantasia). It was terrific to catch up and enjoy their company once again over a nice glass of red.

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