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Mooloolaba to Pelican Point

We left Mooloolaba with absolutely no wind. No sails, just motored along all morning, autopilot on and enjoying the long calm swell. Along the way, we passed through waters containing hundreds of jelly fish in amongst algae or coral spawn on the surface. We had another exciting moment when Tony used the VHF radio and we suddenly veered to port - it seems transmitting on the radio scrambles the autopilot and it goes haywire. I know how it feels!! Eventually got a little wind and put up our new bright red screecher - looks great.

Decided to anchor at Double Island Point for a couple of hours to await slack water over the Wide Bay Bar. Glad we did - it was a beautiful spot, with a huge beach which we walked along collecting the odd shell and a few feathers for Nathan's school project.

Crossed the Bar in the flattest conditions we've ever seen and anchored for the night behind Pelican Point. Topped off the day with a lovely sunset.

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