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Tin Can Bay

Headed up to Tin Can Bay and arranged to get fuel at the fuel wharf, where we were met by good friends Merv and Maggie (Ngkala). Fueled up and moved around to the marina so that it would be easier to catch up. Got the all important washing started at the laundromat and walked along to the yacht club for lunch with Merv & Maggie, Ian & Cath, and Bret & Deb (Swanning Around). Wiled away a terrific afternoon chatting with good company. Afterwards, we got a lift up the road to the IGA supermarket to restock a few essentials (milk, bread & chocolate). Dawdled home eating ice creams - does it get any better? The kids spent the afternoon playing Monopoly, while Tony and I sorted out the workshop somewhat. Back in the groove I think!

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