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Coolooloi Creek, Fraser Island

Definitely slowing down to cruising pace, as we didn't get moving today until mid-morning, when we toddled off up the Sandy Straits. Tide was turning so rather than fight it, we decided to stop at a little spot that took our fancy. The chart shows it as Coolooloi Creek and it looked perfect for a lunch stop. Went ashore for a swim, but as we landed the dinghy and started off along the beach, we saw several shovel nose sharks feed in the shallows. Didn't stop us getting wet for long. There was another gutter behind the sandbar we were playing on and we spotted some whiting. That primal calling kicked in and there was a universal response - everyone to action stations with the fishing rods!! We persevered for an hour or so until the dinghy considered departing the sandbar all on its own. Time to admit defeat, let our one fish go and head home for lunch. Shortly after we came back to Windana, we spotted a dingo on the beach, just where we departed. As it was already three pm we decided to stay anchored here. Lovely night, but definitely needed the screens as there were plenty of sandflies.

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