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Moon Banks, Sandy Straits

Farewelled the Resort and headed north past Big Woody Island and straight for Moon Banks. This is a huge sandbar which is all but covered at high tide, with only a sandy cay showing. But at low tide (when we arrived), it has extensive shallows all around it and crystal clear blue water. Ideal for a spot of windsurfing on the Aquaglide!

Once we were worn out, we returned to Windana and were preparing to up anchor, when we spotted three sharks feeding along the edge of the shallows. The inevitable "what if" scenarios passed through our minds until, with relief, we realised they were only shovel-nose sharks. Still.... no one felt like a last swim before we left! Headed across to Moon Point for the night as it is a more protected anchorage and offered that best chance of a good night's sleep.

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