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Upped anchor at 0630 and departed Burnett Heads at last. Forecast was for NW 5-10 but it ended up being more like N 10-15 on the nose. Horrible lumpy seas which turned all of us green. I was looking back through our old logs and noted that we have never enjoyed this section of the coast and always end up feeling queasy. Next time we travel this area, we might head out to sea for miles before turning north.

Arrived at the entrance to Round Hill Creek (1770) at 1430 to face a runout tide, causing the waves to break across the bar. Stood off to watch for a while. The deepest part is closest to the rocks and every now and again two waves would break. We picked our moment and gunned it, both motors doing 3200 revs, with Tony concentrating, me watching nervously behind for those two breaking waves and the kids whooping with delight.

Then suddenly - all is calm!!

The contrast was amazing once in the Creek. We haven't been here for about five years, but it is still as beautiful as ever, with clear glistening water and golden sandbars as far as the eye can see. It is often tricky to find a deep enough hole in which to anchor, especially at this time of year, but we were soon settled and ready to stretch our legs ashore. There is a lovely boardwalk along the waterfront now, with parks and BBQ areas. We inevitably ended up at the caravan park to buy ice-creams before heading home. When we were last here, Nathan was only about 5 years old and absolutely loved to watch the Lark go by (he called it the Duck-Bus). They still operate tours around the creek and sandbars as well as up to Bustard Head.

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