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Relaxing in 1770

Enjoyed a beautiful couple of days here, swimming at the beach and fishing. Also ran into Mal and Jo (formerly of the yacht Eagle). We had met them back in 2004 at Pancake Creek and then spent a little time together here in 1770. What a fluke - especially considering we had spent the last couple of years in Brisbane and they working on Hamilton Island. They have seen the light and opted to trade one hull for two! They now own the beautiful Prout catamaran Omazey.

Had limited luck fishing for whiting on the runout tide - took two days to catch enough whiting and flathead to finally qualify for a family meal! After hurriedly cleaning up, we met Jo and Mal at The Tree for sundowners. I believe this bar was named because, in years gone by, due to some licencing arrangements, it was possible to buy alcohol there, but not consume it on the property. As a result, everyone carried their drinks across the road and gathered under the big tree.

As much as we are really enjoying it here, we will continue north tomorrow. Grabbed some last minute snapshots of this gorgeous spot............

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