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Boyne Island at last

As high tide was due just after midday, we upped anchor and headed "home" to Boyne Island!! The channel hadn't changed much since our last visit two years ago, possibly a bit shallower at the last port mark before the entrance. Once inside, we headed up past the rocks to the usual spot where we tend to anchor. We found it a bit of a squeeze this time, as the river seems to have silted up somewhat, with the muddy shallows extending further out into the river. We eventually found a spot where we could swing clear of mud and moorings. Once settled, we went ashore, leaving the dinghy on shore opposite Windsong (hopefully not pinching their landing area). Walked up to the Boyne newsagency to say hello to good friends Keith and Peg and arranged to catch up for dinner. As much as we love traveling to and exploring new places, there is something quite special about revisiting the familiar and catching up with old friends!

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