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Yellow Patch

The hardest part about post-Christmas was finding places to stow the new presents. This year, that included new boogie boards for the kids and a home brew kit for Tony. At least I kept the size to a minimum - a necklace. Spent a few days relaxing and catching up with friends. Ashley and Jennifer flew in from Sydney to spend a week with us. We had intended to sail up to Yellow Patch the next day, but the weather wasn't particularly pleasant for novice sailors, so we delayed a day. Instead, we departed the Boyne at 0430 this morning. After the initial excitement, Jennifer started to feel seasick, so she curled up in bed and slept the whole way to there!! Perfect solution! We arrived around mid-tide to find half a dozen other boats there, including to our surprise, Tony's sister Kathryn. Had fun trying to pick a spot with enough depth to remain afloat at low tide. Once settled, Kathryn came over to say hello, then despite the rain, we went over to the sand hill to explore.

After getting all the sand out of places unmentionable, we went for sundowners to Karinya to catch up with good friends, John and Jan. They have been ensconced here for the past few weeks so we offered to bring them any provisions they required. Guess what they needed - a bottle of vinegar!! It's a testament to their self-reliance! They both love to crab and fish; they catch rainwater; and Jan has the most amazing jungle of fresh vegies and herbs growing healthily onboard. A true inspiration!

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