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Marina Life

It has been good to have a car while here (something we have never had before while in Gladstone). It sure makes grocery shopping easier, although we tend to go more often, simply because we can! Another reason to be thankful for the car is that our lives are based in Boyne/Tannum, so we have spent a lot of our time driving back and forth, especially as Sarah started a part-time job.

The positives of living in Gladstone are that everything is handy and also that Tony's sister Kathryn lives in the marina with her partner Nigel. Apart from Kathryn and I going talking (oops! I mean walking) most mornings, we also manage to catch up most days for a cuppa, or a BBQ here and there. An added bonus is that Kathryn has been providing us with a steady supply of ice (which their freezer makes on board!)

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