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Both Sarah and Nathan have now started school at Tannum Sands and are settling in amazingly quickly. Sarah is getting into the high school routine, which is all new to her (having home schooled last year). Tony flies out to Sydney in a couple of days to start work, so we are making the most of any time we have together.

The replica of The Duyfken sailed into the Gladstone harbour last week, so we checked it out. Apparently, Captain Cook did not actually "discover" Australia. The first recorded chart of the Australian coastline was made by Duyfken's Dutch skipper, Captain Willem Janszoon during his 1606 voyage of discovery. This was also the and the first time in recorded history when Aboriginal Australians met people from the outside world. Indeed, the indigenous people of Cape York still talk about the Duyfken landing in their oral history and marking the beginning of Australia's recorded history.

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