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Escape from the Marina

Departed the marina around 0700 this morning to catch the ebb tide out of the harbour and headed to Pancake Creek. As Tony will return to Sydney in a couple of weeks and Sarah had finished all her exams, we decided to pull the kids out of school for the final week and start school holidays early. It was supposed to be blowing S/SW 15-20, but was really 5-10 knots and raining. We mostly motor-sailed just to get there, but were pleased to see the new and improved Windana doing 5 knots in 8 knots of breeze when sailing with the screecher up.

Arrived at Pancake at 1230 and anchored amongst about a dozen other boats near the beach area. Soooo good to get away again! Although, sad to say, no successful fishing along the way.

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