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Relaxing at Pancake Creek

Spent a lovely week at Pancake Creek just relaxing and reconnecting as a family. I noticed Sarah complain during the first couple of days that she was bored - what a change of pace for her, compared with constant phone, internet and friends. It wasn't long before she was happily lounging around with a book or playing board games with Nathan. In fact, with the rainy windy weather, we all enjoyed a few board games. I even messed around on my saxaphone and Nathan dusted off his guitar.

Once the weather improved we all enjoyed some yabbying, fishing (nothing spectacular to report here), sandcastle building and sundowners on the beach.

We also made the trek up to the Bustard Head Lighthouse. The walk takes about 45 minutes, starting with a short walk across the salt pan then along a trail that runs underneath the telegraph wire.

A small cemetery is located just before reaching the summit. It is quaint and pretty, with a single straight palm tree standing watch over the grave sites. No ghostly interactions this time (when Nathan was three, he had quite a chat with the little girl who died when she pulled boiling water down on herself).

The Lighthouse Station has now been fully restored and is absolutely pristine compared to the vandalised state we witnessed less than a decade ago. It is a credit to Stuart Buchanan, the Bustard Head Lighthouse Association and all those yachties who pitched in to lend a hand when passing through. It is also worth the extra few steps to crest the hill and look out over beautiful Jenny Lind Creek.

All in all, had a lovely week at Pancake. Met many fellow yachties and spent some time in the good company of Midnight Blue and her crew Col, Bev and Alex. Being the only two ten year olds in the anchorage, Nathan and Alex had a ball laughing at things only ten year old boys understand!! We detoured back to the Gladstone marina to fill our water tanks, do a ton of washing and re-provision. Then, this morning, we headed to the Boyne River and "home". Secured Windana on her mooring, where we will remain while Tony does his last month at work.

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