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Beautiful Boyne River

We have really enjoyed being moored back in the Boyne River.

Tony left early July for his last month of work in Sydney. The kids loved being in the Boyne for the last week of the school holidays and being so handy to all their friends. Sarah flew down to Brisbane to stay with her best friend Bec for a week. We then got stuck into the home schooling routine again - much to Sarah's disgust because she has to work twice as hard than when chillin' at school. Nathan got into the groove straight away knowing that school really only lasts till lunch time. Apart from the kids enjoying what the local area has to offer, their friends have also discovered the fun of messing around on Windana. Now I know what Sarah really means when she asks to use the kayak!

And at the end of a busy day, as the sun is going down, the view is as good here as anywhere on the water!

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