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Been a busy couple of weeks getting ready to sail off on more adventures. The kids filled their weekends catching up with friends. Nathan had a few sleepovers and Sarah organised a farewell "party" which started at Breezes Cafe and then graduated onto the beach. Tony spent much of the afternoon ferrying and towing assorted teenagers across the river from Boyne to Tannum and back. Not sure how many locals arrived home with clothes dripping wet. We managed to catch up with most friends before we left. Had an "open boat" afternoon where people just dropped in for a drink (well, hailed us from the jetty). That event rolled on long into the night! I also managed to squeeze in a few last minute coffees with friends - that should keep me going for a while. We will farewell the Boyne tomorrow. Not sure when we will be back, but somehow we keep ending up here......

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