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More Adventures - here we come

Our first step to freedom was really only a baby one - all the way to Gladstone Marina. We untied the mooring lines from our buoy and motored out of the Boyne River at 0830 this morning. Caught the last couple of hours of the incoming tide to help push us up the harbour towards the marina. We left my little "jellybean" (our purple Mazda 121) at Bray Park for Keith to retire to Tucker's Farm. I wonder if we will be back for her..... Very hectic day at the marina, doing tons of washing, filling the water tanks, changing the oil in both motors and, of course, school (the kids were under the whip as I wanted to post their work before we left). We took some chocolates up to Narelle and the crew in the office to say thanks for everything during our extended stay. And then luxuriated under hot showers for a little longer than is considered necessary. Keith and Peg visited in the evening and we enjoyed a final dinner back on Windana, before it was time for another round of goodbyes.

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