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Night Maneuvers

Had a farewell cuppa with John and Jan then headed off up through The Narrows- always a pretty trip. Anchored at Sea Hill so that the kids could go ashore to the beach. There was no breeze at all, so we decided to stay put. Enjoyed another pretty sunset.

As with decisions such as this, there soon follows a moment of regret. By about 10pm the wind had picked up and the swell began to roll in. Eventually it built to a point where we decided to up anchor and find the shelter of a creek. Murphy's Law - no moon, pitch black and the electronic chart navigation system was showing that we were happily sailing along the land! So we fell back on the tried and tested depth sounder, spotlight and much squinting into the night. About an hour later, we were safely tucked up in Maria Creek, surrounded by mangroves and beautifully calm. A quick cuppa and off to bed by midnight. Oh how quickly we forgot the joys of sailing!!

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