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Yellow Patch Adventures

As usual, it is very hard for us to drag ourselves away from this paradise. But, in the end, we will leave tomorrow and head further north. Have had an awesome time here and met some truly lovely people. Met Hugh (INYA Dreams) who very generously gave us a huge flathead to devour and who cooks an awesome steak on the barbie.

Also met Fergus and Robyn, who were giving a short cruising trip a go. Spent most of our time in the company of Mal and Carol and their foxy Jess (Compadre II).

Did some long walks on the beach and also walked over the Cape Capricorn headland to go beach worming at the main surf beach (not overly successful, but fun anyway). Sarah and Nathan didn't care - they went swimming fully clothed. On our way back, a sea fog rolled in and shrouded everything and everyone in mist - so eerie!!

Both Nathan and I celebrated our birthdays while here and were thoroughly spoiled. We decorated the boat with balloons and streamers and had everyone over for chocolate cake. Hugh gave Nathan a mud crab for his birthday - which we grown-ups really appreciated! Mal and Carol gave him a lovely poster sized photo of Jess (they had seriously bonded). I was also spoiled because Carol cooked a birthday dinner for me and we all shared a lovely evening on Compadre. We even had ice cream!!

Over the week, we did plenty of yabby pumping, fishing, kayaking, walking, climbing, sliding, talking, drinking laughing..... and school. A perfect start to this leg of our cruising!

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