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Perforated Point, Port Clinton

Upped anchor to head further north, possibly to Pearl Bay. Unfortunately the winds were not cooperating - must have tried every sail we own, but the wind decided to be fluky and without much puff. Ended up motor-sailing just to get somewhere. The swell was even horrid so all pretense at doing school was abandoned. I did manage to make some bread - thankfully it was half done before we left. By the afternoon, the seas had flattened nicely and the sun was shining, but there still wasn't much wind. Instead, we were thoroughly entertained by the wildlife along the way. Firstly, we spotted a pod of dolphins leaping and doing acrobatics just like you'd see at Sea World. Then they came over and played in our bow wave. They were very boisterous and seemed to enjoy chasing each other and jostling for position in front of our bows. Awesome!! Just as we rounded Cape Manifold we spotted a couple of whales (a mother and her half we think). They were breaching and leaping. They were headed straight for us and once they were quite close we slowed down. They passed us with a fin slap and a leap!

As the afternoon wore on we decided to anchor at Perforated Point - a bay under the lee of the northern arm of Port Clinton. It was simply magical - a lovely stretch of sandy beach under the looming headland cliffs. We dashed ashore to stretch our legs before the sandflies chased us home again.

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