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Fires on Hunter Island

Another lovely morning at the beach, then school beckoned. Met Anne and Ian off Monsoon and arranged to catch up for sundowners later. Charged our phones and, much to Sarah's delight, discovered we had a tiny bit of signal if you held your arm just so and climbed on top of the canopy roof. With the added feature of a windbreak, Sarah managed quite a good chat with her friends.

This afternoon, we noticed that neighboring Tynemouth Island was on fire! When we later noticed that Hunter was also on fire, we realized they were burning off all the low grasses. We were rather thankful that we didn’t ignore the signs and go exploring the island after all! At anchor, we could actually hear the fires crackling and watch the flames march over the ridge and down the hillside.

In the evening Ian and Anne came over and we all enjoyed hearing of their adventures. Also managed to get a couple of shots of Monsoon as the sun went down.

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