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Fun at Middle Percy

We all had a great time here at Middle Percy, with plenty of kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. We duly added 2010 to our sign and also experienced one of Ernst’s goat stews! He had killed a goat and brought it down from the Homestead, only asking the yachties if they could donate any fresh veggies to add to the pot. Turned out beautiful, albeit a little sandy (he stirs the stew with the shovel next to the fire, hmmm). I contributed a loaf of fresh bread, which quickly disappeared too.

Sarah celebrated her un-birthday this week as she will be in Boyne over the school holidays and will not be spending her actual birthday with us. She awoke to a duly decorated boat, with balloons and streamers everywhere. Nathan hid Sarah’s presents all around the boat, the main one being a beautiful acoustic guitar. Mark and Meg (from Grace) dropped in with a plateful of banana pancakes for breakfast. Yum! Sarah then got to try out her other present – an inflatable ring to tow behind the dinghy.

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