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Curlew Island

Said farewell to Middle Percy and headed off to Curlew Island, with Mark & Meg on Grace being organized early and getting a half hour head start. We pulled out the screecher with the wind on our stern quarter, blowing SE 15-20 knots. The seas were a little unsettled and the swell quite big, but we averaged 5 knots without much effort. With Grace towing a tinny, we did manage to gain ground on her - even with us slowing to pull in a lovely Spanish Mackerel!! In all the frenzy of getting the fish landed and subdued, Tony beheaded it before we thought to take any photos.

We did take lots of photos of Grace along the way and they took plenty of us with the screecher up – nice!

After the lovely sail, we invited Mark and Meg over to share the catch.

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