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Mackay Marina

Up and off by 0630 – ahead of Grace this time. Absolutely gorgeous sail today in SE 13-18 knots. Screecher up - just perfect conditions for Windana. As we neared Mackay, phone signal improved, so Sarah came alive again! So too did her phone, with messages flooding in all afternoon. I suppose we were all a bit excited about reaching “civilization” again. We arranged a private berth and shared it with Grace as it was 39m long. All went to the yacht club for a drink, where we discovered Tony’s hidden ability to win all the raffles when sitting next to Meg!! He firstly won us all a round of drinks, then later won a meal voucher. We cashed in the voucher for coffee and cake and decided that Meg and Tony should head to the nearest newsagency and put the Lotto on!

Will keep you all posted on the outcome of that…….

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