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Outer Newry Island

Yesterday was rainy and miserable - a great excuse to just laze around reading, especially as it's also now the school holidays. Tony and Mark went out hunting - this time for big black-lipped oysters. Meg is an oyster fiend, so was most impressed. Today is still grey, but no rain yet. Time to explore. Walked with Meg and Mark up to the campsite on Outer Newry, then right across the island to the eastern side. The beach there was completely covered in large smooth pebbles and rocks. It was a bit tricky to go for a walk, but we managed to stumble across to a rocky headland. The rock formations here were totally amazing and, once again, I took tons of photos!

Next we went ashore at Newry Island, weaving our way between the rocks to the tiny beach. We explored the remains of the old resort. The earliest buildings were built in the 1930s, with additions and newer buildings added as recently as 1977. The resort finally closed in 2001 and the area is now managed by Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service.

This is all that remains of the Beachcomber Bar (yachties and campers make good use of it):

Mark and Meg went oyster hunting, while Tony, Nathan and I walked across to Sunset Beach.

When we returned to the Beachcomber Bar area, we met several other cruisers there, so all agreed to meet for sundowners. Riley (13) from Tide Knot came home with us to mess around on the X-Box with Nathan. There was just one hiccup about returning home – the dinghies were high and dry and we had to manhandle them over the rocks to find water again!

Tide in.

Tide out!! Unsurprisingly, many of the dishes prepared for tonight’s sundowners, consisted mainly of oysters.

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