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Bumpy ride to Goldsmith

After a social couple of days at The Newries, we departed mid-morning to head out to Goldsmith Island in a forecast SE 15-20. Once out there, it turns out the seas were up around 1.5 metres and the wind was consistently in the 22-28 knot range! In the end we had two reefs in the main and just dropped the headsail completely with no volunteers to pull up the no.2 headsail. Amazing beam reach all the way, but a bit full on. A pretty wet ride, even with our freeboard. Nathan took a soaking, pillow and all, while lying on the back deck. And of course, when it’s all happening, yes you guessed it – we caught a fish on the trolling line! Just a wolf fish, so we left it on the line as bait. Sure enough, something big took it, but alas along with our lure too!

Arrived at Goldsmith at 1300 and anchored in the north western corner. Ahhh, so peaceful – even with bullets and rain squalls. After the hairy ride, we were all quite content to relax for the afternoon and watch Avatar.

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