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South Molle Island

No wind, so motored around to South Molle Island. While passing Planton Island, we saw a catamaran sailing into Oyster Bay with about a dozen kayaks trailing along behind it. Made me think of a mother duck and all her ducklings!

Picked up a mooring and went ashore to walk up to Spion Kop. About a 3km walk along a worn track up through a eucalypt forest and then out onto a grassy hillside with terrific views.

At the top, there is a great lookout where we sat and watched planes landing at Hamilton Island. On the way back, we could see down into Bauer Bay where Windana was patiently waiting for us to return. We also detoured to Hanging Rock and clamored around the boulders, before heading back to the resort for lunch by the pool.

Once back on Windana, we noticed giant bat fish swimming around the transom. Nathan fed them tortillas and they came up to the surface to eat out of his hand.

Had sundowners on the foredeck enjoying the breeze before an early night.

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