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Airlie Beach

Ate breakfast this morning to the sound of lorikeets whistling and screeching and clamouring around in the rigging. Fed them some apple and ended up with half a dozen birds all fighting over it. Tony and I had them climbing all over us and one even pooped on my head (supposed to be good luck or something?!) Nathan kept his distance, but enjoyed the spectacle.

The weather is supposed to turn nasty, so we sailed round to Able Point Marina and filled up with fuel and water before anchoring at Cannonvale. After lunch, we went for a walk down to Airlie Beach where we had a swim in the lagoon and explored the main street. Not much has changed since we were last here. Tony got a long overdue hair cut – but I don’t think he will need another one for ages! Seriously shorn! Nathan managed to coerce us into having dinner at McDonalds, then we walked home.

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