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Convoy of Kayaks

Yesterday was still wet and windy, so we ended up over on Blueglass for a games afternoon playing “speed scrabble” and a card game called “Kings”. All tons of fun with a crowd! The afternoon cuppa evolved into sundowners and the laughs continued. We watched the anchorage steadily fill up as the day rolled on – Cid Harbour must have been really crowded. In the end, apart from our four boats, there were another twelve anchored for the night.

The kids had gone home earlier to watch a dvd, so by the time we rolled home, Sarah had almost finished making dinner – chicken and vegis with mushroom gravy!!! Doesn’t get much better!

All the ladies in our little group decided to rendezvous at 10am for a paddle around the bays and headlands here. All paddled to the beach, including a token male in the group (John was a keen paddler). Off we set in the drizzling rain, investigating all the various rock formations and bays along the way. Covered a fair bit of ground – as you do when having a chat. Stretched our legs again on another beach, then headed back, with the added joy of rain squalls and head winds.

Late afternoon, everyone came over to Windana for sundowners. Another good evening, chatting and laughing over a wine or two. Plenty of swapping of business cards, movies and cruising guides, etc. Night fell before we knew it, but everyone managed to dash home between squalls just before the wind picked up to the forecast 25 – 30 knots.

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