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Boules in the rain

We had a restless night last night as there were 30 knot bullets over the hill tops. Windana was surfing around, the bridle was creaking and the drag alarm kept going off – especially when the wind swung right around to the NE, putting us on a lee shore and in 2 metres of water. In the end we slept in until we heard a knock on the hull. It was John and Sue reminding us that everyone was meeting on the beach for a wander along the rocks. Quickly got ready and went ashore too. It was still drizzling, so we decided it was too slippery to go rock hopping. Walked in the shallows and through the mangrove roots to the next bay to explore.

When we returned, we played a few games of boules in the sand. All had a good laugh and some friendly competition. We headed home mid-morning to do some school.

Although it rained on and off all day, it was still hot and muggy. Whenever the rain stopped, we would madly open up the windows and ports, only to run around closing up again when the heavens opened. One time, when I opened the front window after a rain squall, in poured a deluge of water – all over the lounge!! We couldn’t understand why there was so much water rather than a few stray drips – until we realized that the rain catcher hose had come apart and was channeling all the water from the canopy straight in the window!!!

In the afternoon, Sarah made some drop scones, which we took to Aurielle for sundowners. Had the usual crowd there as well as Jude and Martin from “Legasea” (friends of John and Sue). Another fun evening and another night where we didn’t feel the need for dinner.

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