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Casting Off.....Again

Finally, we cast off the lines and have embarked on our cruising adventures once again!!

Windana was launched in October 1999 and we have enjoyed many years cruising the east coast of Australia. This culminated in an amazing voyage to the Louisiaide Archipelago in 2011, before settling down in the Boyne River, Boyne Island. For the past four years we have worked hard, studied hard and filled the cruising coffers. It is a wonderful feeling to again be free to continue our travels.

To ease ourselves in gently, we chose to head to one of our favourite destinations, Great Keppel Island. After an early departure from the Gladstone Marina, we travelled through The Narrows and anchored at Fisherman's Beach in time for a late lunch. This bay is lovely and shallow, so is perfect for swimming straight off the boat. Enjoyed paddling and swimming here for a couple of days before the swell increased, then moved round to Long Beach. True to its name, this is a perfect beach for a nice long walk.

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