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Moreton Bay

Up early to leave Mooloolaba and head south towards Moreton Bay. This plan was delayed somewhat by the amount of sticky black mud that was stuck to our anchor chain. It's ironic that Mooloolaba is one of the more over-regulated anchorages along the Queensland coast, yet its bottom is probably the most polluted we have encountered. By the time we finally hosed off all the goop as the chain came up, the sun was definitely higher in the sky!

Traveling along the beaches of Bribie Island was very pretty but unfortunately was not a sheltered anchorage. We ended up stopping for the afternoon at Bongaree. There is no holding among the moorings, so we anchored in Deception Bay just off the channel. Battened down as more rain and thunderstorms were heading our way. As much as we are tired of all the storms, they are quite beautiful.

The next morning, we headed to Scarborough Marina to meet up with sail maker Jamie Saxby, so that he could measure up for our much anticipated new set of sails. People are amazed that we still hank on our headsails, so we are about to make life much easier with a new furling headsail. Had a busy day in the marina doing washing, visiting the chandlery, doing some school work, exploring the area and managing to squeeze in a coffee/ice cream.

Next, we traveled right down to Manly. We had hoped to explore along Moreton Island but unfortunately the wind was blowing from the NW. The Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club Marina will be our base over the next couple of months whenever we need to be in civilisation to enable us to do the necessary upgrades on Windana.

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