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Triangle Cliffs, Fraser Island

After our picture perfect day at Sandy Cape, we resigned ourselves to some wet and windy weather. Yesterday was a long lazy day tucked up inside with a good book, interspersed with a few hands of Skip Bo, a bit of baking (apple tea cake) and the odd job. By the end of the day, the lack of activity started to have an effect so Tony and I went ashore for a walk along the beach in the pouring rain.

Woke this morning to even more rain and wind. My default reaction to this dodgy weather seems to be to bake, so this morning it was bread! Left the mixture to rise and all went ashore to pump for some yabbies and then did a spot of very unsuccessful fishing.

Home again to cook the bread - one of the best parts of this cruising life! Noticed some very over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl, so transformed them into delicious banana muffins.

In the afternoon, we nosed Windana closer to the beach so that the water was shallow enough for Tony to again tighten the mousing wire on the propellor. Hopefully that's it sorted - so much easier than trying to do a job in deep water while holding your breath.

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