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Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser island

The last time we were at Kingfisher Bay Resort, the kids looked like this:

We had fond memories of amazing pizza at the resort, so our mouths were watering by the time we dropped anchor just north of the main jetty. A little tricky to anchor as it shoals very quickly and with any change in wind direction, it is really easy to end up high and dry. We went ashore in the dinghy, which really only gets you half way there and the rest of the distance is covered on foot, dragging the dinghy through the squelching mud!! Explored the resort (very briefly, as it was definitely lunch time) and headed to the Sand Bar. When the pizzas arrived, they were truly something to behold, although they would definitely be considered a heart-attack-on-a-plate. We hardly did them justice and ended up taking most of it home.

Afterwards, Tony and Nathan took our jerry cans up to the shopping village area to top up with some fuel, then lugged them back to the dinghy. I managed to fill in this time quite nicely at the main resort pool.

Once home again, we continued our travels southward. We were having a lovely sail, so just kept going, until we ended up anchoring at Gary's Anchorage as the sun was going down, at exactly the same time as the sandflies descended!! We quickly secured everything and dashed inside to an easy dinner of leftover pizza. I'm positive we are now cured of that craving.

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