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Gold Coast and Back

Decided to explore the Gold Coast a little as we still had a few days left before heading to the marina in Manly to have our new sails fitted. Motored down to the Broadwater, but only as far as Runaway Bay and anchored among some houseboats opposite Perrys (South Stradbroke). Went in the dinghy up the canal off the end of Anglers Esplanade, under the Bayview St Bridge to the Runaway Bay Shopping Village. There are two pontoons right outside the shopping centre available for anyone to tie up their dinghy. This was the easiest and most convenient shopping I have ever done. Once back on Windana, we moved over closer to South Stradbroke Island for the night.

Sarah drove down the next day to catch up with us, so it was very easy to pick her up at the shopping centre. Once on Windana, we headed to Wavebreak Island and anchored just off the beach. Could almost walk ashore. Explored a small part of the island and out onto the break wall. Once home again, we tried making gluten free bread for Sarah from a packet mix, but it was not really a success - flat and doughy. After a lovely day together, we dropped Sarah back and then got some fuel at Runaway Bay Marina before anchoring for the night.

We continued right down to Southport for a look and as expected, it was very busy!! Anchored off Australia Fair and went for a long walk before grabbing some coffees. Had a quick but lovely visit from John and Val (The Adventurer), who we hadn't seen for about twelve years. They were surprised to see Nathan now, as he was about three or four when they last saw him.

After a night surrounded by the city lights, we headed back toward Jumpinpin and continued on to the bottom of North Stradbroke Island, anchoring at Slipping Sands. We went for a walk along the narrow strip of beach, then climbed the sand hill. Sat on our perch and watched, not one, but two boats run aground on the sandbars below us. I think it was possibly a case of some channel markers having been moved and people following their electronic charts rather than their eyes.

The next morning was very leisurely for Tony and I, as Nathan was at the helm for the trip along Canaipa Passage and out into Moreton Bay. As our sails are being delivered on Wednesday, we didn't need to go into the marina yet, so tucked in behind King Island. Went ashore to the island and walked across the sand spit to Wellington Point for a coffee.

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