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King Island

Forecast westerly winds saw us depart beautiful Moreton Island and head back to our usual anchorage behind King Island, just off Wellington Point. Here, we could continue with the numerous jobs that needed to be done, without having to actually be in the marina. Enjoyed some more socialising with a lovely breakfast for ten at the Point of View Restaurant. We had been in the habit of leaving the dinghy on the beach at Wellington Point, but as it was now school holidays and the area was deemed a bathing reserve, this was apparently not allowed - more because of the outboard motor. Tony had to go all the way back to Windana to get the chain and padlock so that we could leave the dinghy secured round the point at the boat ramp. Unfortunately when we came back from our lunch, the tide was out so we had to dinghy all the way round King Island to get home again.

Although King Island is very tiny, there is a sand spit that dries as the tide ebbs, which allows people to walk between the island and mainland. Apart from enjoying the foreshore along Wellington Point and the walking paths around the Geoff Skinner Reserve, we did many laps around the island during the times we anchored there.

We spent a night at RQYS marina so that we could get a quote on some upgrades to our solar panels and batteries (possibly lithium). We had quite a bit of running around to do and were concerned that we had overstayed, so offered to pay for the extra half day. The staff in the office were lovely and said not to worry at all. Tony bought them chocolates before we finally departed and again headed straight back to Tangalooma on Moreton Island.

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