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Final Countdown

The final countdown is on! The clock is seriously ticking! Yes, Windana will finally be relaunched next week!!! With the excitement level at fever pitch, so to is the activity level. Tony has been madly clearing out all the storage units and work benches that are sitting under the wing deck so that the trolley can get in there to pick Windana up. So much "stuff". Of course there are still a hundred things left to do, but that's so much better than thousands! Tomorrow we will pull down the A-frame and huge tarps which cover Windana - so today I have been madly putting the curtain wire and curtains back up so we don't melt. Do you know how nerve racking it is drilling holes in our beautifully painted walls - I certainly don't want to be the perpetrator of the "first scratch". Meanwhile, we have been trying to bleed air out of the fuel lines, charge batteries, install the loo holding tank, antifoul......ok, enough. Next post will be photos of the big day.

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