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Major Refit

Finally got a chance to play with this web site. Hope you like the photos - not quite travel photos of exotic destinations yet. While we have been cruising on Windana since 1999, she officially became land-locked in February 2008. Poor girl has been high and dry for 18 months undergoing some much needed TLC and a reasonably major refit. We undertook many different tasks, including a complete respray, installation of stainless steel fuel tanks, the addition of a second motor and re engineering of Windana's stern and rudders.

Original stern/transom steps as below:

Chopped off the old transoms and built new ones (changing the underwater exit):

Doubled the nacra size on the rudders:

After spending the first ten years cruising with only one trusty Yanmar 30 hp motor, finally purchased and rebuilt one for the starboard engine room:

Re-sealed windows. Also removed the front ones, replacing them with lovely huge opening hatches:

Some internal construction - a new bathroom cupboard; shelves for Sarah; desk for Nathan:

Plenty of faring, sanding, masking, hibuild and painting:

Name back in place - thank you Garry and Wendy xx:

So shiny:

Some work on the mast:

Soon we will be back where we belong - in the water!!!

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