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Xmas in Boyne

Had a busy few days catching up briefly with numerous friends in the midst of the Christmas rush. Max and Marion invited us to join their Xmas Eve gathering last night, which was great. When we eventually made it home and put the kids to bed, Tony and I still had the task of doing the Santa thing before we could get some sleep. Do you know how hard it is to remember where we stashed all those presents about the boat when it's rather late and we'd had a drink or two! Christmas dawned at 2am for Nathan, so he was promptly returned to bed with instructions that there was not a chance of it happening before 6am. I put a present in his room (box of lego) to keep him entertained in case of another early awakening. It worked - and we got a reprieve till 0630. Enjoyed the present frenzy, then bummed around in PJs until heading out to Keith and Peg's for Christmas lunch. Great day full of good food and wine and terrific company (they had family staying from far and wide). Got to that very relaxed time in the evening when you know you should head home, but can't actually be bothered moving. Suddenly, the heavens opened - so we bolted because all our ports were open. Nothing like the thought of a soggy bed to get you moving! Thankfully, the rain stopped as quickly as it started, so no dramas. A great day all round.

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