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Welcome 2010

Today, we were thankful that Nathan is such an early bird. He went up on deck at about 0530 - to see an empty dinghy float past us! He woke Tony, who lowered our dinghy and went screaming after it. It was quite a chase, as these king tides rip past at over 5 knots. In the end, Tony managed to catch it and slowly tow it back. Turns out it belonged to Kathryn!!

Sadly, we had to leave today. This is still one of our alltime favourite places. Had breakfast, upped anchor and waved farewell to all those lucky devils who were staying for longer (shoe on the other foot now).

A bit lumpy out there again, so Jennifer took herself off to bed for the duration of the trip back. The seas actually smoothed out as we headed south, making the trip more pleasant. Anchored at Gatcombe Head for the night, planning to enter the Boyne River on tomorrow's high tide. As we had spent Xmas day with friends, we still had our turkey roast, which we cooked up tonight in our trusty little BBQ.

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